For Our Brave Men & Women

Memorial Veteran Alfred Hurkes

Alfred Hurkes – US ARMY

Alfred “Al or Shorty” Hurkes enjoyed tractors, ice fishing, bird watching, cooking and smoking fish. Al loved gardening and was well-known for his gardens. He was a hard worker and loved to stay in contact with his Army buddies. We spent a lot of time gardening and keeping those ‘darn squirrels’ out of the garden. Al was known in the neighborhood for catching and relocating those pesky squirrels. I am going to miss our drives to the country to release the squirrels along the river. Oh boy did he get a laugh every time we would go turn a squirrel loose, I didn’t like them squirrels and he knew it. He would stand by the car and watch me, I would open the cage and run. Today, every time I see a squirrel it puts a smile on my face. Al was not just a client to me, he was family. I miss him dearly and will always remember the good laughs we had everyday. God bless you Al. – Joy

Memorial Veteran Morton Jacobs

Morton Jacobs – US ARMY

I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know Mort. He was fiercely independent, which was inspiring. He was a very caring person and concerned about others. In his final days, he had difficulty talking so he would spell out words by writing letters in the air. In typical Mort fashion, he did this from left to right with the letters backwards for him so that it would be easier for the person watching him to read it. He was so proud of his children and grandchildren. He loved to read history, literature and poetry. He enjoyed listening to classical music and watching old murder mystery movies. He was an avid news watcher and we had many great conversations about the latest news. I miss him and think of him often. May his memory be a blessing to all who knew him and we are grateful for his service! – Joan