For Our Brave Men & Women

Memorial Veteran Joe Meagher

Joe Meagher – US NAVY

Joe was known as ‘Danc’in Joe’ on our first day meeting in Aug 2016. Joe had a unique way of making you feel appreciated and he always started and ended his conversations with the words ‘God bless you.’ Thank you Joe for letting me to take care of you on your last ‘Dance.” May God be with you and yours forever. – Trish

Memorial Veteran Henry “Ray” Kindsfather

Henry “Ray” Kindsfather – US NAVY

Henry “Ray” Kindsfather was quite a character. He was lucky as he had two caregivers. We both got something special from Ray. He told great stories of his travels around the world. He loved his wife dearly, told of the trips they took. His family was very important to him. He got a glint in his eye when he talked about his great grandson! Ray was fiercely independent! I miss his grin! – Jane

I had the privilege of being one of Ray’s caregivers. What a dear man, his sweet disposition and beautiful smile made my mornings! And I looked forward to our shared time together when, after our chores were done, we would sit together and watch reruns on the western channel! Happy trails Ray! – Barb