Scam Free

"This world of ours… must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Scam Free Veteran Care

Unfortunately, there have been too many previous scams that target the elderly and the Aid & Attendance funds… but it’s not us, it never has been and never will be. We are doing this because we’re trying to debunk the old saying “if its too good to be true” analogy in hopes you have all the facts in making an educated decision to use our services. Therefore, we feel it necessary to showcase our credentials upfront so you will have the necessary documentation to move forward with confidence.

With this in mind, please review the following documentation by clicking on each title (link) found below.

1. Non-Medical Home Care License – Colorado #04V340

Non-Medical Home Care License – Oklahoma #CSS0074

Yes, we are regulated by the State Health Department (Colorado & Oklahoma), therefore, we’ve submitted policies, procedures, care plans, etc. respectively. These governmental entities have surveyors that make random visits to our office, client homes, etc. and investigates our procedures. Without notice, we must open our doors, books, etc. and allow this third party for any investigation they see fit. We are current and “in good standing’ with the State Health Department in both Colorado and Oklahoma.

Trust Veterans Aide at Home

2. BBB A+ Rating

We’ve been an A+ member since 2014 and we have never had a complaint. The BBB has reviewed our entire company without issue. We try and get verbal statements from all previous clients if possible and post them to the website for review. Each claim is verified by the BBB, then used with permission.

3. General & Automobile Liability Insurance Certification

Mandatory by the state health department, one cannot operate a home care agency without liability insurance. However, we went a step further by implementing Auto Insurance liability as well (since our caregivers typically drive their own vehicles in most cases. We wanted extra protection for both our employees and clients. Our company policy uses our corporate insurance policy as our primary opposed to using our employees individual insurance policies.

4. Workers Compensation

Another mandatory requirement, every W2 employee must have Workers Compensation protection.

5. Tax ID

Our parent company, Curantis Health at Home, LLC was created in 2013, today we have a DBA of Veterans Aide at Home since 2014 and yes, we pay an enormous amount of corporate, state and local taxes to run our business successfully.

In closing, we appreciate your diligence in looking out for yourself OR your loved one. We hope this information will give you peace and comfort in moving forward with us. It’s truly our goal to “serve those that have served” and we hope you reach out to us today!