Why Us

"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light"
-George Washington

Drug Screen Employees

Why Us

  • Several reasons but we can sum it up in one word…infrastructure
  • We’re a ‘Veteran-dedicated’ home care agency!
  • We help gather all necessary documentation for a successful Aid & Attendance application with NO UPFRONT or HIDDEN COSTS-100% FREE!
  • Start care within days as opposed to months (2-4 weeks in most cases) in relation to the benefit
  • We start care BEFORE the benefit pays… no other agency does this! (they all wait until the benefit pays to start care… this could take months!)
  • Always risk-free to the Client
  • Costs the clients nothing to start care early until the benefit is entitled
  • We have VA Accredited Agents that work on your application 100% of the time
  • We hire only qualified, insured, ‘clean’ (i.e. drugs and background clear) Caregivers only
  • We have the most stringent and mandatory background screening & drug testing in the industry that includes 150+ background checks and 14 panel drug testing that includes prescription meds
  • Our screenings (both background and drug testing) are done upon hire, annually AND at random!
  • We monitor the life of the account and stay compliant with the VA so you can continue to receive your benefit for the rest of your life!
  • We also offer military discounts to those Veterans, Spouses and Widows that are over the income/asset level respectively

We hire only W-2 employee Caregivers, there no Independent Contractors… ever!

Look closely…. blue color text are actual background checks we conduct, red color text are drugs we test! This eliminates Caregivers that may have problems with drugs or a troubled history to look elsewhere for a Caregiver position…

Our Caregivers

  • Must pass a 150+ point background check upon hiring, annually and at random List of Searches We Review
  • Must pass a 14-panel drug test including prescription medication upon hiring, annually and at random List of Drugs We Detect
  • Why do we check for ‘prescription medication’ abuse? see 7 Million Reasons Why
  • Within our corporate home of Colorado, every VAAH Caregiver is an employee NOT an Independent Contractor, so every employee is insured with general & automobile liability coverage

Our VA Accredited Agents

  • Accredited by the VA
  • 30+ years of experience in VA application processing
  • We’ve processed thousands of applications with an approval rate of 99% for those who qualify
  • Published Educators are staffed that deal with VA benefits and claims

Our Service Areas

  • We are licensed to provide services throughout the entire state of Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Missouri and Wisconsin!