What We Do

"Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching."
-Thomas Jefferson

To quickly learn more about what we do, we encourage you to watch this 4 minute video!

1.Aid & Attendance assistance with claim submission

That’s exactly why we’re here!… not only to offer help but we’ve streamlined the paperwork process like no other! Our VA Accredited Agents and team work tirelessly to help the Veteran, Spouse and/or Widow gather ONLY the necessary documentation in preparation for A&A submission. Plus, we will never charge you a dime to get started… To learn more visit Our Process – Get Started

2.Provide compassionate & professional Caregivers

Again, our non-medical services include companionship, light house cleaning, meal preparation, medication reminding, pet care, errands, trips to the doctor and more!  After we receive the Initial Assessment Form and we determine if you will qualify for the benefit… we start care within days!  Plus, starting your care costs you nothing while your claim is being processed.  To learn more visit Our Process – Get Started.


We’re a non-medical home care agency dedicated to Veterans, their Spouses and Widows. Our services COST NOTHING to those who qualify for a VA benefit that already exists.  We also offer military discounts to those Veterans who may be over the income/asset level.  Call us today to get started!

Some home care agencies are considered ‘skilled-care’ which include RN’s and LPN’s coming frequently to the clients’ home.  We do not offer these services. Instead, our services are ‘non-medical or non-skilled’ that include things such as;  companionship, meal prep, linen changes, laundry, light house cleaning, medication reminding, etc.  We also include transportation assistance (i.e. trips to the store, the doctor, etc.), up to 86 miles per month at no additional cost to you or your family members!

Our Difference

In order to assist the client, VAAH has accredited VA agents (required by the VA) who have over 30 years of experience in VA application processing. Our accredited VA agents work with the VA on behalf of the client. These individuals let us know PRIOR to sending off the application if the client will be approved or not. If so, we start care at the beginning of the upcoming month and absorb the cost of care until the client is entitled. Once entitled, a lump sum payment is made from the VA to replenish these costs. Then, we provide care that is never-ending for the life of the account.

Other agencies simply don’t do this…. its too time consuming and risky for them to pay labor upfront and ‘hope’ the application is approved. However, its not risky to us… we understand the process and are willing to provide the care you need, without risk to you and much sooner! Other agencies may point you in the right direction for submitting the paperwork, then they ‘wait’ until the benefit pays before they start care… no, we don’t do this either! Our clients need help NOW and we provide that help much earlier than any other agency!

In closing, our difference is two-fold; 1) help submit the right paperwork quickly and accurately and 2) provide care within weeks opposed to waiting months…