Our Process

"Never give an order that can't be obeyed."
-Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Step 1: Call us to learn about the A&A and see if you qualify via phone OR fill out the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire online!

Visit our Contact Us page and call the closest office to you. The conversation usually takes less than 10 minutes… OR simply fill out the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

Call Us

Gather you documents

Step 2: Gather your documentation THEN call us back to schedule a visit!

  • You’ll get a detailed list on what to gather when you visit with us via phone
  • Not sure what to gather? Then print off our Cheat Sheet now!
  • Invite family members if possible, everyone should hear our offering…

Step 3: Caregiver Introduction

  • We discuss your Care Plan, Schedules, and more during this casual interview.
  • Then, we start care at the beginning of the upcoming month.
Meet your caregiver

Happily ever after

Step 4: Live happily ever after!

  • Ongoing and for the rest of your life, the VA benefit pays monthly for this care
  • Our goal of this program is to ‘keep you at home’ as opposed to having to move somewhere that is unfamiliar to you!
  • Every 60-90 days you can expect a Supervisory Visit with one of our staff members to make adjustments to your care plan as needed and again, make sure you live happily ever after!

If you are ready to start this program, then visit our contact us page and give us a call at 888.744.8387!